~ 90% of the people who are in jobs, don’t like their jobs.

~ 9% of them like their jobs, but when asked ‘will you still do it if you don’t get paid?’ the answer is No.

What Financial Independence Means

Financial Freedom is a state when your money starts working more than you work. In other words, you bank on the effort which people in the companies [whose equity you hold] are making.

As evident, in this state, you don’t have to work for money anymore and you could follow your passion [monetary or otherwise] instead of being tied to a job for a lifetime.

This is how the financial equation looks like, as you pass from year to year. The yearly returns from your financial corpus are able to provide for your yearly expenses; at the same time, your corpus keeps growing itself as well:

Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 7.57.39 PM.png

What Happens Then?

If the above is true, then at one point of time in future, you can take a call to

What you are essentially doing now is using your money to free up your TIME - the most important commodity of ours which we don’t value in case we are stuck with doing something we don’t like.


This freed up time can let you -